The 10 Weirdest Super Bowl 2022 Props

  • Super Bowl 56 kicks off at 6:30 pm EST Sunday evening between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals
  • The Super Bowl is one of the most-bet sporting events in the world and offers a ridiculous amount of ways to bet the big game
  • Below is a collection of the 10 weirdest Super Bowl 2022 props

Ok by this time we all know the basics of this Sunday’s Super Bowl. The Rams are favored by 4.5 points over the Bengals. The total is set at 48.5 and one of these franchises will win their first Super Bowl. At least for the LA version of the Rams.

But once we get past all of your normal Super Bowl odds, there’s a bevy, and oh boy do I mean a bevy of other types of Super Bowl bets for the big game. Below are the 10 weirdest Super Bowl 2022 bets to make your Super Bowl party a little more exciting. These are strictly for entertainment purposes but are still fun nonetheless.

If you’re looking for Super Bowl game props or half-time props, well we have that too. If you just want a taste of some of the most off-the-board props, well then read on.

1) Post-Game Proposals

I can’t pretend to know how many players on the Bengals and Rams are in serious relationships and could be on the brink of getting engaged. But we do have two teams full of 20-30 year-olds playing in what will be the biggest game of their lives. If anyone is considering popping the question, this could be the biggest stage to do so. With absolutely no insider knowledge, I wouldn’t bet much on this, but the value has to be on “Yes”. Feel free to add this prop to your free Super Bowl contests.

Odds a Player Proposes To Girlfriend

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will a Player Propose to Their Girlfriend on Field After the Game? +550 -850

2) What Will Happen to the Price of Bitcoin During the Super Bowl?

If you’d asked me a week or so ago, I’d probably be leaning towards “Price Goes Down”. Tech stocks, growth stocks, and any sort of crypto has been tanking all of 2022.

However, things have taken a turn for the better of late. Bitcoin’s price has risen from around $35,000 US near the end of January, to over $44,000 today. There’s expected to be several crypto and NFT commercials during the Super Bowl as seen in our Super Bowl broadcast props and given the current positive sentiment around crypto I’ll side with the price rising during the Super Bowl.

Remember, crypto markets never close, unlike the stock market, so BTC will be fluctuating during the game.

Bitcoin Price During Super Bowl

Prop Price Goes Up Price Goes Down
Bitcoin (BTC) Price -140 -110

That also means NFT prices are always on the move, and if you wish to predict the price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT (YCNFT), we have odds on that too.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Price

Prop Over Under
Floor Price of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT at End of Game 101.5 ETH (-125) 101.5 ETH (-125)

3) The Ickey Shuffle

Ickey Woods was a Bengals’ running back from 1988 to 1991, all with the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a short career, but one that saw him find pay-dirt 27 times and earn fame for his “Ickey Shuffle” dance.

Odds for An Ickey Shuffle

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will A Player Do the Ickey Shuffle? -175 +125

While many of the Bengals’ players were likely not even born when Woods was playing, it’s a dance, er … shuffle that’s been repeated by many over the years. If you think the Bengals will find the end zone say two or three times, it’s fair to think one of the current Bengals may pay homage to a player who was on the last Bengals’ team to reach the Super Bowl.

4) Will the Power Go Out During the Super Bowl

In an homage to the 2013 “Blackout Bowl” which saw the power go out during Baltimore’s win over San Francisco, we present odds on the same electrical malfunction taking place nine years later this weekend. Surely, the league has learned its’ lesson and we’ll avoid another delay of this sort in 2022.

Power Outage Odds

Prop Yes No
Will the Power Go Out During the Super Bowl +3300 -250000

5) The Drake Curse

Drake, superstar rapper from Canada, is a huge sports fan. And he loves wearing his favorite teams’ jerseys. But they don’t always love him back when he does. More than one team has suffered defeat after Drake has donned their jersey or posed for a photo with one of the team’s players prior to a big game.

The curse extends across multiple sports and teams. The Alabama Crimson Tide, Philadelphia 76ers, Connor McGregor, Anthony Joshua, the Kentucky Wildcats, plus a host of big-time soccer teams – Dortmund, Arsenal, Man City and PSG. It got so bad that Italian club AS Roma actually banned all players from taking photos with Drake in 2019 until the end of the season.

The Rams could be next on the hit list as heavy -325 favorites for Drake to don their jersey this weekend.

Drake Curse Odds

Jersey Drake Wears at Homecoming Event During Super Bowl Weekend Odds
Bengals +200
Rams -325

6) Joe Biden Props

According to the latest numbers from Reuters, as of February 3, US President Joe Biden had an “approval” rating of only 41-percent. His disapproval rating which is what we want to focus on here was listed at 56-percent.

The total for Super Bowl 56 is set at 48.5. If we look at past Super Bowl trends, scorelines in the past ten years in the big game have totalled: 40, 51, 16, 74, 62, 34, 52, 51, 65 and 38.

Joe Biden Super Bowl Props

Prop Odds
Number of Biden Tweets During Super Bowl (from @POTUS & @JoeBiden) O 1.5 (+185) | U 1.5 (-300)
What Will Be Higher? Total Game Points or Biden Disapproval % Total Points (+110) | Disapproval (-160)
Length of Biden Interview O 11:30 mins (-125) | U 11:30 mins (-125)

The current POTUS isn’t known for his happy Twitter fingers compared to his predecessor. But he’s still usually good for a few tweets a day.  A look at the @POTUS account reveals the following.

February 7 (5 tweets), February 6 (8 tweets), February 5 (5 tweets), February 4 (2 tweets) and February 3 (4 Tweets).

A look at the @JoeBiden account shows: February 7 (6 tweets), February 6 (3 tweets), February 5 (6 tweets), February 4 (9 tweets), and February 3 (13 Tweets).

Combine the two accounts and it’s certainly possible he exceeds the total, if even by accident.

If you want to sit with your stop watch during Biden’s speech, we’re also setting a number on the total length of his speech.

Printable Super Bowl 56 Props Sheet

7) Peyton Manning to Bowl a Strike in Michelob Ultra Commercial

The teaser for Michelob Ultra’s new commercial to be shown during Super Bowl 56 is out. It features Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning lining up to take a shot. What will it be? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Peyton Manning to Bowl a Strike Odds

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Peyton Manning Bowl a Strike in Michelob Ultra Commercial -165 +110

Manning is one of the greatest QBs of all-time. But no word on what his bowling game is like. I think the obvious assumption is he bowls a strike. So I’d go contrarian, and bet he doesn’t. Manning seems like a guy comfortable in his own skin and someone able to make a joke out of say bowling a gutter ball in front of the entire country in a commercial.

8) Professional Dancers Included in the Half-Time Show

Sunday’s half-time show is sure to provide plenty of fireworks and talking points. It simply has to with a lineup including Dr Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige and Kendrick Lamar.

Anytime the DO Double G is involved things likely won’t be kept PG. Could we see exotic dancers, stripper poles and money guns? Maybe. Does it sound crazy for national TV? Perhaps, except when you consider it’s already happened. And at a college basketball game. College…

It’s not far-fetched to think some dancers with let’s say … additional skillsets, may make an appearance on Sunday.

Pro Dancers at the Half-time Show Odds

Prop Yes No
Professional Dancers on Stage During Half-time Show -5500 +1350

9) Smoking Props

Two prominent figures in Sunday’s championship are both known to enjoy a smoke. For Snoop, I think you can figure out what that is. For Joe Burrow, he enjoys himself a good cigar after big wins.

Odds on Snoop Dogg smoking up during his half-time performance seem a little more likely.

Smoking Odds

Prop Yes No
Will Snoop Dogg Be Smoking During Half-time? -125 +110
Will Joe Burrow Be Shown Smoking a Cigar from Kickoff to Final Whistle? +1050 -1000

When it comes to “Smoking Joe” he’s already smoked a cigar after big wins and admits he will do so after future big wins too. The “No” still seems like the best bet though. First, the underdog Bengals need to win. But second, more importantly, the wording of “from kick-off to final whistle” would seem like it would be very unlikely. Burrow would have to essentially be smoking a cigar during the game. Which, barring a massive Bengals lead in the dying moments of the game that may see him light up a stogie early, seems improbable.

10) Joe Burrow Compared to Macaulay Culkin

One of Sunday’s star QBs may have a doppelgänger out there. One of Home Alone fame, Macaulay Culkin. If you can see the resemblance in the photos below, maybe picking “Yes” is the way to go.

Burrow Compared to Macaulay Culkin Odds

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Will Burrow Be Compared to Culkin During the Game +1000 -4500

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