Answers and Outcomes for All Super Bowl 56 Props

  • Finding the answers and outcomes to Super Bowl props can be very difficult when your sportsbook doesn’t grade them right away, or if you just made some friendly wagers at your party
  • We are grading every 2022 Super Bowl prop we’ve seen, including national anthem, coin toss, Halftime Show, and broadcast props among others
  • See the answers to all your Super Bowl 56 props below

Has your online sportsbook or sports betting app not graded one (or more) of your Super Bowl prop bets? Are you looking for the correct answer to a Super Bowl prop that was graded a loss for you? Want to contest the answer on one of these props? Or maybe you didn’t place one of these bets at a sportsbook, but just with friends.

We’ve got you covered. (Well, we’re not going to contest the prop outcome for you, but we do have the answers to all Super Bowl 56 props below.)

So don’t waste your time trying to re-watch the broadcast to figure out what was said first, who was shown first, or the color of Gatorade dumped at the Super Bowl. The team at SportsBettingDime has done the heavy lifting.

You can use the links below to quickly navigate to the specific props you are looking for, or use CTRL+F to search for a specific prop on this page.

Anthem and Coin Toss Props | Halftime Props | Broadcast Props | Game Props | Team Props | Player Props

Answers to Super Bowl National Anthem & Coin Toss Props

National Anthem Props Answer
Over/Under 1 minute 40 seconds for National Anthem
Over/Under 5 Planes to perform a flyover during the National Anthem
Will Mickey Guyton forget/omit a word from the National Anthem?
Will Mickey Guyton have a Live Instrumental Accompaniment?
What will be the predominant color of Mickey Guyton’s Outfit?
What will be the color of Mickey Guyton’s Microphone?
QB shown first during the anthem: Matthew Stafford or Joe Burrow?
WR shown first during the anthem: Cooper Kupp or Ja’Marr Chase?
What will be shown last during the anthem: LAR player/staff or CIN player/staff?
Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes to sing the National Anthem?
Coin Toss Props Answer
Coin toss result?
Who will win the coin toss?
Was the coin toss call correct?
Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game?

This will be the first section we have (almost) completely filled out during the game. After Mickey Guyton performs the national anthem, we will have just about all answers filled in before kickoff.


The coin toss will also be a quick one, but we will just be waiting on the one prop on whether the team who wins the coin toss will also win the game.

Answers to 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

Halftime Show Prop Answer
Who will be the First Artist to Perform?
Will be the First Artist Shown?
First Song Performed during the Super Bowl Halftime show
Last Song Performed during the Super Bowl Halftime show
Over/Under 10.5 Songs Performed at Halftime
First Dr. Dre Song Performed
First Eminem Song Performed
# of Artists to Wear Sunglasses During Halftime
What will Eminem be Wearing on His Head?
Color Hair of Eminem?
Color of Shoes Worn by Snoop Dogg?
Type of Earrings Worn by Mary J Blige?
Will Snoop Dogg Smoke on Stage?
Will any Headlining Artist be Smoking?
Will any of Eminem’s Performances be Censored?
Will there be Professional Dancers on Stage?
Will There be a Wardrobe Malfunction?
Will a Football be Used as a Prop?

We’ll be filling out the answers to the Super Bowl Halftime Show props above as they come up during Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar’s performance at SoFi Stadium.


Answers to Super Bowl Broadcast Props

Broadcast Prop Answer/Outcome
What Will be Shown First in any Commercial: a Rocket, Moon, Astronaut, or Alien?
What Will be Said First in any Commercial: Metaverse, Bitcoin, NFT, or Ethereum?
First to be Shown in Rakuten’s Casino Royale Commercial (Hannah Waddingham)
First Device Shown in Squarespace Commercial Laptop
How Many Commercials will include a Baby?
How Many Commercials will include a Dog?
How Many NFL/MLB/NBA Players will appear in all Commercials?
Will Peyton Manning Bowl a Strike in a Michelob Ultra Commercial? Yes
What will be Said First in a Michelob Ultra Commercial: “Dude” or “Jesus”? NONE
Who will be Seen First in a Michelob Ultra Commercial: John Goodman, John Turturro, or Jeff Bridges? NONE
Which Anheuser-Busch Brand Commercial will run first?
What NFT will be Shown First During any Commercial?
Which Crypto Company Commercial will be Shown First: or FTX?
Who will be Shown First During the FTX Commercial?
Will the Commercial Feature Matt Damon?
Will the Commercial show LAL/LAC Arena?
Which Media Company Commercial will be Shown First: Meta, Amazon Prime, or Google?
Which Travel Website Commercial will be Shown First: or Expedia?
Which Commercial will be Shown First: Rakuten or WeatherTech?
Which Commercial will be Shown First: QuickBooks/Intuit or Taco Bell?
Which Commercial will be Shown First: Hologic or
Which Hollywood Landmark Will be Shown First?
Which SB highlights will be Shown First: SB LIII or SB XXXIV?
Which Celebrity will be Shown First?
Which Athlete/Celebrity will be Shown First?
Which Coach will be Shown First?
Whose Wife/Fiancée will be Shown First?
Which Owner/GM will be Shown First?
Which Coordinator will be Shown First?
Which Former Player will be Shown First in an Image or Highlight?
What QB will be Mentioned First During the Game: Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?
What QB will be Mentioned First During the Game: Patrick Mahomes or Jimmy Garoppolo?
What Word will be Said First During the Game: “COVID” or “Omicron”?
What will be Mentioned First During the Game: Jared Goff or the Detroit Lions?
What LA Road/City/Zip will be Said First: Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, or 90210?
What Hall of Fame QB will be Mentioned First: Joe Montana, Joe Namath, or Joe Theismann?
What University will be Mentioned First: LSU or Ohio State?
First Mention in the Super Bowl MVP Speech
Will Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth Say the Spread or Total?
How Many Times will Roger Goodell be Shown?
Will Joe Burrow be Compared to Macaulay Culkin?
Will Joe Burrow Be Shown Smoking a Cigar?

We will do our best to catch all of these as they come up throughout the game, but may need to go back and hunt down a few of them.

Some companies released their Super Bowl commercials ahead of time, so we were able to get these graded before kickoff.

Answers to Super Bowl 56 Game Props

Game Prop Answer
Either Team to Score Opening Drive TD
Both Teams to Score Opening Drive TD
Either Team to Score on First Offensive Play
First Scoring Play
First Drive Results in a Field Goal?
Offensive Score on the First Drive of the Game?
First to 15 Points
First to 20 Points
First to 25 points
Either Team to Score Three Straight Times
Either Team to Score in Final 2 Minutes of 1st Half
Each Team to Score One TD in Each Half
Both Teams to Score 2+ TDs
Both Teams to Score 3+ TDs
Both Teams to Lead in 1st Half
Both Teams to Lead in 2nd Half
Both Teams to Lead in 4th Quarter
Either Team to Record a Safety
Either Team to Use All 6 Timeouts in Regulation
Either Team to Have Successful 2-Point Conversion
Total Offensive Plays: 128.5
Total 3rd Down Conversions: 10.5
Total 4th Down Conversions: 0.5
Total TDs: 5.5
Total Yards of First TD: 7.5
Total Yards of Longest TD: 42.5
Total Yards of Shortest TD: 1.5
Total Yardage of all TD: 121.5
Total TD Passes: 3.5
Total Yards: 769.5
Total Pass Attempts: 76.5
Total Pass Completions: 50.5
Total Pass Yards: 565.5
Total Rush Attempts: 48.5
Total Rush Yards: 210.5
Total First Downs: 41.5
Total Yards of Longest Drive: 82.5
Total Sacks: 5.5
Total Interceptions: 1.5
Total Turnovers: 2.5
Was a Fumble Lost in the 1st Half?
Was a Fumble Lost in the 2nd Half?
Total Made FG: 3.5
Total Yards of Longest Made FG: 47.5
Total Yards of Shortest Made FG: 27.5
Total Yardage of All Made FG: 124.5
Either Team to Miss a FG
Either Team to Miss an Extra Point
Total Kickoffs: 10.5
Will the Opening Kickoff go for a Touchback?
Will the Opening Kickoff be Returned for a Touchdown?
Total Punts: 6.5
Will a Punt Result in a Touchback?
Will a Punt be Returned for a Touchdown?
Special Team or Defensive Touchdown Scored
Highest Scoring Quarter Combined Points: 20.5
Lowest Scoring Quarter Combined Points: 5.5
Halftime/Full-time Result
Game To Go Into Overtime
Will the Team to Score First Win the Game?
Winning Margin
Total Points: Odd or Even?

There are a large chunk of game props in the table above that will be filled out after Los Angeles and Cincinnati’s respective first drives. Most of the answers will be filled in after Super Bowl 2022 has finished, though.

Answers to Super Bowl 56 Team Props

Team Prop Rams Outcome Bengals Outcome
Team Total Points
Team Total Touchdowns
Total Yardage of All Touchdowns
Type of Team’s First Scoring Method
Type of Team’s First Touchdown
Team’s Highest Scoring Half
First Team to Score
Last Team to Score
Team to Score First Touchdown
Team to Score Most Touchdowns
Team to Score Longest Touchdown
Team Total Net Offensive Yards
Team Total Rushing Yards
Team Total Rushing Touchdowns
# of Players with a Rush Attempt
# of Players to have a Pass Reception
Total 1st Downs Made
Total 3rd Down Conversions
Total 4th Down Conversions
Team to Have First 1st Down Made
Team to Have Most 1st Downs Made
Team to Have Longest Drive (Yards)
Team to Have Longest Drive (Yards) Resulting in TD
Team to Have Longest Drive (Yards) Resulting in FG
Total Field Goals
Team to Have First Successful Field Goal
Team to Have First Missed Field Goal
Team to Have Longest Successful Field Goal
Team to Have Shortest Successful Field Goal
Team to Have Most Successful Field Goals
Total Punts
Team to Punt First
Team to Punt Most
First Team to Punt 3 Times
Team Longest Punt
Team Shortest Punt
Team to Have Longest Punt Return
Total Turnovers
Team to Have First Turnover
Team to Have Most Turnovers
Team to Throw First Interception
Team to Have First Coach’s Challenge
Team to Call the First Timeout
Team Total Sacks
Team to Have the First Sack
Team to Have Most Sacks

The majority of the team props above will be filled in after Super Bowl 56 has finished, as many will not be decided until the game has ended.

Answers to Super Bowl 56 Player Props

Passing Prop Outcome
Joe Burrow Completions: 24.5
Joe Burrow Passing Yards: 274.5
Joe Burrow Passing TDs: 1.5
Matthew Stafford Completions: 23.5
Matthew Stafford Passing Yards: 279.5
Matthew Stafford Passing TDs: 1.5
Rushing Prop Outcome
Cam Akers Rushing Yards: 64.5
Cam Akers Rush Attempts: 16.5
Cam Akers Rushing + Receiving Yards: 84.5
Ja’Marr Chase Rushing Yards: 3.5
Joe Burrow Rushing Yards: 10.5
Joe Burrow Rush Attempts: 2.5
Joe Mixon Rushing Yards: 60.5
Joe Mixon Rush Attempts: 16.5
Joe Mixon Rushing + Receiving Yards: 89.5
Matthew Stafford Rushing Yards: 4.5
Matthew Stafford Rush Attempts: 2.5
Samaje Perine Rushing Yards: 2.5
Samaje Perine Rushing + Receiving Yards: 15.5
Sony Michel Rushing Yards: 16.5
Sony Michel Rush Attempts: 4.5
Sony Michel Rushing + Receiving Yards: 26.5
Receiving Prop Outcome
Cam Akers Receiving Yards: 15.5
Cam Akers Receptions: 2.5
Cam Akers Longest Reception: 10.5
Cooper Kupp Receiving Yards: 105.5
Cooper Kupp Receptions: 8.5
Cooper Kupp Longest Reception: 28.5
Ja’Marr Chase Receiving Yards: 77.5
Ja’Marr Chase Receptions: 5.5
Ja’Marr Chase Longest Reception: 26.5
Joe Mixon Receiving Yards: 25.5
Joe Mixon Receptions: 3.5
Joe Mixon Longest Reception: 12.5
Odell Beckham Jr Receiving Yards: 63.5
Odell Beckham Jr Receptions: 5.5
Odell Beckham Jr Longest Reception: 23.5
Samaje Perine Receiving Yards: 9.5
Samaje Perine Receptions: 1.5
Sony Michel Receiving Yards: 6.5
Sony Michel Receptions: 1.5
Tee Higgins Receiving Yards: 69.5
Tee Higgins Receptions: 5.5
Tee Higgins Longest Reception: 24.5
Tyler Boyd Receiving Yards: 43.5
Tyler Boyd Receptions: 4.5
Tyler Boyd Longest Reception: 18.5
Van Jefferson Receiving Yards: 30.5
Van Jefferson Receptions: 2.5
Van Jefferson Longest Reception: 17.5
Touchdown Props Outcome
First Touchdown Scorer
Anytime Touchdown Scorers
Kicker Props Outcome
Evan McPherson Total Points: 7.5
Evan McPherson PATs Made: 2.5
Matt Gay Total Points: 7.5
Matt Gay PATs Made: 2.5
Sack Props Outcome
First to Record a Sack
Anytime Players to Record a Full Sack
Interception Props Outcome
First to Make an Interception
Anytime Players to Make an Interception

We’ll get the first touchdown scorer in the table above ASAP, as well as the anytime touchdown scorers. But most of the player props above will have their outcomes filled in at the conclusion of Super Bowl 2022.

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